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2010 New Year Spring Party

2010 New Year Spring Party

 The main purpose of this message is to invite you to the 2010 New Year/Spring Party to be held from 6:00 to 10:00 PM on Saturday, 27 March at Ritchie Park Elementary School (1514 Dunster Road, Rockville, MD).
 This annual event will be full of celebrations of the New Year and great excitements of friends' getting together, in addition to delicious meal, deserts, fruits and drinks. It will be a fun-loving event with laughter and tremendous party atmosphere, because there are wonderful programs and activities in store for you. The cost is $15 each person except children, young adults and college students are free of charge. The annual alumni membership fee is $20.
 We ask you to RSVP by 15 March. Please “reply” to this message by entering one of the following options in the Subject line:
1.CKUAA (# of people to attend, your first name/last name)
2.CKUAA (phone me to confirm)
3.CKUAA (No, thanks)
4.CKUAA (No phone calls please)
 Additionally, the attached file contains a form which consists of two parts: 1) cost computation - for you to fill out the total party cost, and 2) contact information - for new members to fill out the whole thing, and for existing members to provide updates ONLY if there is any change. Please complete the necessary information and mail it with a check to addresses mentioned on the form.
 Please spread words to the alumni whom you think this message may not reach. If you have any question, please reply to this message or contact the following persons:
會長: Anthony Hsia (夏緒安), 240-353-9086,
副會長: Haochien Chen (陳澔芊), 240-454-7223 ,
財務長: Lih Shan (單麗青), 571-271-1861,
Thank you for your support to the NCKUAA-DC, and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday, March 27.
NCKUAA-DC Board of Directors

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